• JCB Aero plants new facility in Little Rock

    Beaudet Aviation a subsidiary of JCB Aero, France, a leading company in aircraft cabin interiors has started new facilities in Little Rock, Arkansas, within the Port of Little Rock.

  • 17th September 2014,inauguration day at Little Rock Chamber of Commerce

    " The workmanship that's exhibited by Beaudet will be something that all Arkansans will be proud of, creating these additional jobs with a high-quality end product — which will also ensure the continued success of Dassault Falcon "

  • Our main concern

    "is to provide a high quality service duplicating the French one by recruiting high level specialists for each of our shop. Some of our French "Compagnons du Tour de France" will join in, thus complementing the excellent abilities of the American work force "
    Says the owner, Monsieur Jean Claude BEAUDET

beaudet aviation in little rock arkansas

JCB Aero and BEAUDET Aviation

One whole group, 2 sister companies overseas

Discover ou facilitiesin France


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